This is where we make designers' dreams of calm, sophisticated interiors come true.

We thermoform PET felt

We are experts on PET felt and how it behaves during processing. When heated, it becomes extremely pliable and can be given unique shapes using the right machines. We have 3 types of presses: vacuum, pneumatic and hydraulic, so that we can achieve the best results in line with our customers' expectations.

The hydraulic press, custom-made for our company, is perfectly adapted to the thermoforming of PET felt sheets.The high clamping force (up to 90 tonnes) allows the most complex shapes to be created from the sheets used.This results in extremely durable and attractive products.

We perform CNC cutting

Computer-controlled cutting enables us to cut highly detailed shapes and patterns. No materials are wasted, and the various components can be combined easily.

This technique also provides the ability to cut at different angles as required for V-grooved or chamfered edges. The variety of opportunities offered by this technique offers endless possibilities in terms of design and shape.

We perform laser cutting and engraving

Laser cutting is precise, but has the disadvantage of using heat for the cutting process. Due to the high thermoplastic properties of the material, using a hot laser beam can burn, harden and discolour the edges of the PET felt panel. On the other hand, this method works well for engraving or when cutting felt 3mm thick.

We print on PET felt

Large-format acoustic images, panels designed to look like wood, concrete or other structures, logos on products – all this is possible with us, thanks to our own large-format UV printing facility.

Our prints on PET felt deliver excellent quality and acoustic properties.

We glue PET felt

Our excellent knowledge of the material we work with, along with our many years of cooperation with experts in selecting the right type of adhesive, mean that we can glue several layers of material together in a way that is virtually invisible. The adhesives we use are completely safe and have all the necessary certificates. At filzBee, we not only glue layers of PET felt, but also make very complex solids that feature high strength.

We mill

The CNC milling machine enables us to create thermoforming moulds ourselves.This way, we can be sure that the moulds will fulfil our requirements and that the end product will meet expectations.

We upholster

PET felt is a beautiful material in itself, thanks to its wide range of colours.However, if you want your favourite material on top, and the PET felt is only there due to its acoustic properties – we will do the upholstery for you.You can send us your own material or use our range of upholstery materials.

We prototype

We are not afraid to change our initial assumptions about the completion of a particular project. We make prototypes of the products in order to test their quality and durability, and present the final result to the client. A product may look slightly different in reality than it did on paper, so it's worth considering whether it meets expectations or whether it needs improvement Need a prototype for your project?

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We create calm, sophisticated and welcoming interiors that will provide the right space for working, studying or relaxing.

At filzBee, we specialize in products made from PET felt: we know exactly how it works and how to process it in order to create beautiful and unique products with exceptional acoustic properties.

It's amazingly durable – it doesn't fray or break, it's soft and easy to clean, and it's also recyclable.

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Our products

Our standard products are versatile designs we have developed which allow you to easily and quickly transform your space. As a manufacturer of PET felt acoustic systems, we specialize in custom designs and OEM products. We take on the most complex projects and demonstrate the endless possibilities of using PET felt in designing calm, sophisticated spaces.