Discover filzBee – a world of endless creativity and passion for creating unique design solutions.

We are a Polish family-owned manufacturing company founded with the vision to create functional yet beautiful products which help reduce unwanted noise and enhance the acoustic properties of any space.

We achieve this vision with a wide range of custom and standard products made from eco-friendly PET felt, and the equipment we have allows us to bring even the most unique solutions to life.

Our production

Production is at the heart of our company.

It's where we bring even the most elaborate designs to life and make designers' dreams of calm, sophisticated interiors come true.

It's where we bring even the most elaborate designs to life and make designers' dreams of calm, sophisticated interiors come true.

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Success is born out of passion

Our passion unleashes our creativity, allows us to take on the toughest challenges, and makes our team strive to achieve our goals. People often say that you can see our passion shining through, and this is the best compliment we could possibly receive. Get to know us and see how we approach the projects entrusted to us.

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We are responsible

We believe that modern business should be conducted responsibly, bearing in mind the challenges of the world we live in. Our PET felts are made from polyester fibre produced from recycled PET plastic bottles. They're amazingly durable – they don't fray or break, and they're soft, easy to clean and recyclable.

One of the most important features of PET felt is also its excellent sound absorption, which makes it perfect for our products.

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What do we produce?

Standard products

Versatile product designs we have developed that are in our company’s permanent range.

Adapted products

We know that different rooms require acoustic adaptation, so we also tailor our standard products to the specific conditions of each.

Custom Products / OEM Products

As a manufacturer of PET felt acoustic products, we like new challenges, and it’s a pleasure for us to bring a designer’s vision to life, to create something special and unique.

We take on the “impossible” and demonstrate the endless possibilities of using PET felt in spaces.

How do we work?


Write to us and tell us what you need

It’s very important to us that your message contains as many details as possible about your project. In order to give you a quote, we need the exact guidelines and the files you have.

If you’re not sure yet which product to choose and you need advice, let us know exactly what you would like to achieve and we will find the best solution together.

Write to us


We will answer you as soon as possible

After carefully reviewing your enquiry, we will send you an email summarizing the details. If your enquiry is clear and no further details are needed, you will receive a quotation from us along with the estimated time we need to complete your order.


Confirm your order to us

We will proceed to this stage once you have received a full quotation from us.

Once we have received your confirmation, we will update our stock levels and plan exactly when production will start – if the project is urgent, please send us your confirmation as soon as possible.


Sending the order for completion

We start to complete the order – we will let you know exactly when we are starting production of your order.

From this point onwards, we are no longer able to make modifications to the order.

The people make the product.

filzBee is a team of people who put their all into their projects every day. Meet some of our team.

Grzegorz Walacik


Aleksandra Walacik

Chief Operating Officer

Marcin Wrzosek

Head of DACH market

Pavlo Kornieiev

Production leader

Angela Długosz

Head of Commercial Department

Karolina Rusin

Senior cost estimating specialist

Jarosław Gil



Here you'll find acoustic advice for your space, as well as the latest news and information on events we are taking part in.

PET felt products

Our standard products are versatile designs we have developed which allow you to easily and quickly transform your space. As a manufacturer of PET felt acoustic systems, we specialize in custom designs and OEM products. We take on the most complex projects and demonstrate the endless possibilities of using PET felt in designing calm, sophisticated spaces.