A New Dimension of Acoustics: How filzBee changed the face of office space with PET felt acoustic ceiling

Behind every great architectural project is a team effort and a lot of creativity. However, what makes certain designs stand out?

Today we will tell you about one of our latest innovative ventures: the creation of a wave-shaped acoustic ceiling made of PET felt for a modern office space.

Why is acoustics important in an office space?

Acoustics are fundamental in any work environment. Suboptimal acoustic conditions can adversely affect the concentration, efficiency and well-being of employees. Therefore, one of the main goals in modern office space design is to ensure optimal acoustics.

Design process

Designing a wave-shaped acoustic ceiling is a unique challenge that required advanced knowledge, familiarity with the material we work with and precise execution. The filzBee team actively participated in discussions with the designers, and with their knowledge and familiarity with PET felt, we drew up prototypes that turned out to be a hit in 10 and a fulfillment of the vision they wanted to achieve in the interior.

Production and assembly

Using advanced manufacturing technologies, we have been able to create extremely effective and aesthetically pleasing PET felt ceiling panels.

The entire production process took place under the watchful eye of our experts, guaranteeing the highest quality workmanship. We developed an assembly system that guaranteed the desired effect.

Our summary

The wave-shaped acoustic ceiling project is more than just an assignment for us. This proves that acoustics and design can go hand in hand, creating a space that is both beautiful and functional. Thanks to the experience and expertise of the filzBee team, this innovative project has set a new standard in office acoustics.

What was gained by the acoustic ceiling?

Optimization of acoustics

By using a wave-shaped ceiling, it has been possible to significantly reduce noise and echoes, resulting in higher efficiency.

Aesthetics and functionality

We not only improved the acoustics, but also added a sleek, modern look to the entire space.

A balanced choice

The use of PET felt means the investment is also eco-friendly, which is in line with sustainability efforts.

Are you interested in custom-made PET felt projects?

We encourage you to get in touch with us to start working together on customized projects.

We believe that combining your creativity with our experience will produce amazing results that will delight everyone.